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App of the Week: Color Zen


Are you in the mood for a satisfying puzzle? Perhaps one that isn't frustrating with missing points and losing levels, rather a calming, logical game that’s a good exercise for the mind. Color Zen is a new puzzle experience that is simple, relaxing, and addicting. The objective is simple: Drag and combine colorful shapes and patterns into one to match the border color surrounding it. Sounds easy, right? Each color combination creates an explosion of color across the screen, making it captivating and fun to watch. Don’t worry challenge seekers; this puzzle will get harder along the way, with obstacles that require strategic thinking. Don’t stress about keeping score or getting penalized for mistakes, simply restart the level if you don’t get a match. This game is less frustrating and more calming, making it an addicting game you won’t want to put down.  Just plug in your headphones and get carried away by the soothing sounds and blending of colors. It’s even color-blind friendly. With its timeless, beautiful and stunning graphics, you’ll feel relaxed and entertained while your mind is clear and focused. Just sit back, relax, and take your time exploring color!


App name: Color Zen

Price: Free on  Android devices


  • Simple yet addicting puzzle game: Match colorful shapes and fill the entire screen with the same color as the border to clear each level.
  • A perfect puzzler for all ages. Complete 120 levels within 6 chapters.
  • There is no ‘losing’ – Simply restart the level if you don’t get a match.
  • Plug in your headphones and enjoy soothing music, making this puzzle game a pleasure.
  • Beautiful graphics and shapes make this puzzle captivating.

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