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App of the Week: Cozi Family Calendar


Ready for spring? Now is the perfect time to get organized and de-clutter your life, so why not start with your schedule? Cozi calms the chaos with an all-in-one family calendar, journal, grocery and to-do list app that everyone can access on-the-go. Untangle the various to-do’s and events and make sure everyone is on track with a color-coded schedule for each family member. Easily send reminders by text or email so important events are never missed. Sync and share your grocery list so that you never come home with missing items again. Use the journal to document family vacations, photos, memories and life events. Cozi is easily accessible from any phone, tablet or computer and it’s all shared under one family password. It’s a must have for busy families!


App name: Cozi Family Calendar

Price: Free


  • Add appointments and share your family calendar
  • Send reminders to members by text or email
  • Share grocery lists that everyone can access
  • Assign chores with the shared to-do list
  • Capture special moments and add photos to the family journal
  • Sync updates with any phone, tablet or computer

Get organized before the first soccer practice starts. Download it now!