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App of the Week: Doodle Jump


Warning: Highly addictive gaming app!

Have you played Doodle Jump yet? This simple yet addictive game will have you cancelling your Saturday afternoon plans and furiously trying to beat your high score. The goal is simple: Jump and climb as high as you can without falling. Leap from platform to platform and tilt your device left and right to safely reach each landing. Score jet packs and rockets to boost you to a new high level and avoid challenges of crumbling platforms. Get ready to blast monsters and other obstructions out of your path as you continue your climb. Doodle Jump has been extremely popular since it hit phones in 2009, and they have continued to grow add new looks and features for users. You may find yourself playing this game every chance you get!

App name: Doodle Jump

Price: Free


  • Play in a variety of worlds – Space, Jungle, Underwater, Snow, etc. Coming soon: Ninja
  • Grab power-ups like jet packs, rockets, trampolines and propeller hats
  • Avoid black holes, monsters, UFOs and other obstacles that can knock you off
  • Be quick on the platforms – You never know when they’ll break, move, disappear or explode!

How to play: Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.

So what are you waiting for? Start jumping! Very Happy