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App of the Week: Drive First


Safety is priceless, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Give distracted driving the red light with the FREE Sprint Drive First app.

This intuitive app keeps your focus on the road, sending calls to voicemail and silencing text and email alerts. Once your vehicle reaches 10 mph, Drive First detects the motion and automatically locks your phone, keeping your concentration on the road. Auto-reply, customizable messages are sent if a text is received, letting the person know that you’re behind the wheel. Keeping safety as a top priority, emergency calls to 911 can override the app in urgent situations. Worried about missing important calls from parents or your child? Flexible preferences allow up to 5 phone numbers to ring while driving so you can still stay in touch. Need to get directions or check the weather? Choose up to 3 apps that work while the phone is locked. When the app no longer detects motion, the phone is automatically unlocked and full functionality resumes. The app does take into account stop-and-go traffic, so you’ll need to be sitting idle for a few minutes before your phone unlocks.

Drive First not only teaches safe driving habits, it can save lives. Before you buckle up, download this app to keep distractions out of sight.


App name: Drive First

Price: Free


  • Available for Sprint Android™-powered smartphones for FREE.
  • Detects motion over 10 mph and automatically locks your phone.
  • Directs incoming calls to voicemail and silences distracting text and email alerts.
  • Automatically replies to texts with a customizable message, informing the person that you are on the road.
  • Allows emergency 911 calls while driving.
  • Choose up to 5 phone numbers that can ring through when the phone is locked.
  • Allows up to 3 apps to function while driving, such as navigation, music or weather.
  • Phone automatically unlocks after motion stops.