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App of the Week: Fooducate


February is national hearth month, and if your heart needs a jump start, there’s no better app to pair it with than Fooducate. If you’re confused by lengthy ingredient labels and unsure what store-bought food is good for you, then this app is the translator you need. I love using my phone camera as a scanner while grocery shopping to ensure that the products I’m buying fit within my dietary needs. It clearly shows the product’s highlights (both good and bad) and makes my shopping easier by showing alternatives. It points out unhealthy additives like high fructose corn syrup, excessive sugar and calories, GMO’s, trans fats and more. It has opened my eyes to products that say “all natural” or “whole grain” when they might not be. If you want to be more aware of the food you’re eating and change your habits, Fooducate is the app you need before your next shopping trip.


App name: Fooducate

Price: Free


  • Use your phone camera to easily scan UPC barcodes
  • Search and discover more than 200,000 products
  • Simplified product information helps you make better choices

Just pick up a product, scan it and let Fooducate help you decide! Check it out.