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App of the Week: HDR Camera+


Capture a stunning sunrise or spectacular fireworks with an HDR addition to your phone’s camera. HDR Camera+ is a full-featured and fast HDR camera that captures your photos in rich colors and detail. With HDR photography, you can get the true intensity of colors by taking a series of photos in a single snap. This technique is widely used by professional photographers, and now it’s available as an app for your Android phone. Snap full-resolution photos while your HDR image is complete within seconds. Leave the tripod at home and stay steady with the hand shake compensation feature. You also have the basic photo features, like zoom, flash (on/auto/off) and the ability to save original images. These days we have swapped digital cameras and conveniently relied on our phones to capture real-time moments. So why settle for grainy-quality or dark pics? Investing in a decent camera app is a great way to turn your photos from dull to dazzling.

HDR Camera App.png

App name: HDR Camera+

Price: Currently on SALE on Google Play for $1.99


  • Snap HDR pics in a simple tap
  • Take full-resolution photos
  • Real HDR: Exposure bracketing and tone mapping
  • Zoom and hand shake compensation, no need for a tripod
  • HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds
  • Handles moving objects, de-ghosting
  • Control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
  • Save original exposure bracketed images
  • Location tagging
  • Shutter sound can be muted (not on all models)
  • Support for Flash on/off/auto