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App of the Week: Megapolis


Dream as big as a skyscraper, or simply build it yourself! The high-rising popularity of the game Megapolis will put you in control of the blueprint as you design your dream cityscape.

To make it big, you’ll have to start small. Begin the game by building residential and commercial areas and generating revenue, and then expand your construction across a blank canvas of land. The strategy for this game is to build a well-resourced, beautiful city with a happy population and not run out of funds fast. Rolling out businesses like restaurants, movie theaters and bowling allies bring population, but also get taxed on a regular basis, so you’ll need to plan ahead financially. Energy levels are critical to power your towers, so take the time to consider the right amount electricity resources to keep your sites running smoothly.

While you’re waiting for construction to complete, accomplish quests and other tasks that add rewards and help you progress faster. Accrue megabucks to purchase materials and continue the expansion of your city into a megalopolitan. Megapolis is not just about building a pretty city; it’s about making it fully functional and connected which makes the game a lot of fun!


App name: Megapolis

Price: Free


  • Manage and build your own city! Design and develop primary infrastructure such as airports, railroads, power plants, and residential and commercial areas.
  • Trade materials and make friends with your neighbors. Challenge friends to building successful cities nearby.
  • Features realistic 3D graphics and world famous architecture.
  • More than 500 buildings and sites and hundreds of construction materials.
  • Expand your city across land and sea with challenging tasks and rewards for success.

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