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App of the Week: Shazam


How many times have you heard a song on the radio, loved it, hummed it for days, but couldn't identify it? Or you recognized a hit song and the artist remained on the tip of your tongue and it drove you to frustration? Shazam makes those memory lapse moments a thing of the past. This fast and accurate music-recognition app can identify almost any song – On the radio, in a restaurant, at the club, in the office – Almost anywhere. It’s so easy to use and is a favorite app among millions of music lovers. When you hear a song, simply open the app and tap to tag it. Shazam briefly records the song and almost instantly delivers the song, artist and album name along with options to view lyrics, YouTube videos and more. The app then stores the song to your tag list and sorts your tags by date so you can reference and download later. Easily connect Shazam with Facebook and share your latest music discoveries. And with unlimited tagging, your music discoveries are limitless!


App name: Shazam

Price: Free


  • Identify songs in as little as 1 second
  • Tag, save and preview again (30 second previews)
  • Get streaming lyrics
  • Purchase the track easily via Amazon MP3
  • Watch music videos & concerts from YouTube
  • Listen to your tagged music in Spotify
  • Share your finds on Facebook & Twitter

Shazam - Android Apps on Google Play