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App of the Week: Sprint Family Locator


A new school year has finally begun and family schedules are filling up fast. Keeping track of your kid’s homework, permission slips, class schedules, sports and practice times can be a little hectic. What if you could keep track of their location at all times? With Sprint Family Locator you can take one thing off your to-do list: worry. This app will save your sanity by locating your kids safely at school, practice or at a friend’s house. The GPS locator allows you to locate any phone on your Sprint account in real-time, so you always know where your family members are. View locations instantly on an interactive map from your phone or computer and make sure they arrived safely at the bus stop or at school. Get a text or email notification when they arrive home or to any destination you've set. Check in to see if they’re doing homework by sending free text messages within the app itself. As parents, we have enough to worry about, so before you send them off on their own, get Sprint Family Locator to stay in-the-know. A peace of mind is priceless!


App name: Sprint Family Locator

Price: Try it FREE for 15 days (It’s $5 a month after that & the charge will appear on your monthly Sprint bill).


  • Locate any Sprint phone on your account (up to 4 phones) – No additional software or installation needed.
  • Find lost or stolen phones anytime.
  • See your child’s location in real time on an interactive map.
  • Send unlimited text messages from within the Sprint Family Locator app. FrustratedprintFamilyLocator:08242013