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App of the Week: Tetris Blitz


How fast can you stack? Anyone that remembers the old-school Tetris game can relate to the adrenaline rush of strategically rotating blocks to fit as they dropped at an increasingly rapid rate. Tetris® Blitz adds a twist to the classic puzzle that will keep your eyes fixated on your Android or tablet screen. With new features, stunning visuals and simple controls that make this game easy to play on a touchscreen, Tetris Blitz is a must-have addicting game. The goal of this game is simple: Strategically place falling blocks to form a complete line, resulting in the line being cleared. Your reaction to falling blocks needs to be accurate and fast so you can clear as many lines as possible with only 2 minutes on the clock. Watch your points burst as you clear multiple lines at once and achieve new high scores. See where your friends stack up on the Facebook leader boards, and check the standings each week after they reset! Enhance your game by and beat your high score with power-ups, like Magnet, Laser and Time Shift. Earn coins every level, or use in-app purchases to buy coins and get more power-ups to make your strategic combinations infinite. If you’re looking for a burst of entertainment, Tetris Blitz will satisfy your boredom.


App name: Tetris Blitz

Price: Free


  • Fun, quick, modern puzzle game that will keep you entertained.
  • Rotate, stack and try to beat the clock by strategically placing blocks to clear lines.
  • Simple controls make playing easy, including Drag-and-Place, One Touch and Swipe.
  • Earn coins every level to ‘buy’ power-ups, or purchase additional power-ups using in-app purchases.
  • Share your high scores and see where you stack up with friends by connecting to Facebook.

Special offer:

While most customers have to pay for in-app content to improve their gaming experience, Sprint customers receive 50,000 coins FREE for gaming with Sprint. When downloading or powering up the app, this message will appear on mobile device:  “Thanks for choosing Sprint. Here’s 50,000 coins FREE so you can gain an edge in Tetris® Blitz.”