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App of the Week: TurboTax SnapTax


Have you done your taxes yet? If you’re waiting until the last minute like some of us, then TurboTax SnapTax app will save your sanity. This simple app does the math and gets your taxes done accurately in minutes. Just snap a pic of your W2, answer a few questions and file away. It requires little to no effort with its user-friendly interface and you can trust that your information is secure. This app is mostly built for those filing simple tax returns, like a 1040a or 1040EZ. Once you’ve completed your return, SnapTax will display your final info and refund – which you can file via the app if you wish.


App name: TurboTax SnapTax

Price: Get started for free, pay $24.99 when you file. (Prices vary if you finish online).


  • File basic tax forms quickly and easily
  • Import your W2 info using your phone camera
  • Guaranteed accurate

Get your taxes done before April 15th. There’s only one week left!