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App of the week: Field Trip


Uncover new places, cool facts and the history that surrounds wherever you go! Google’s Field Trip app makes exploring a new or familiar area so easy. Download the app, enable your location settings and get notified when you’re near something worth checking out. Impress your friends with knowledge while exploring a new or familiar area with info cards that alert you about your surroundings. Discover hidden historic gems that are in plain sight, like notable architecture or significant battle grounds, or dig up a delicious food spot or unique boutique nearby. Want an audio tour while on a long road trip? Connect your Bluetooth headset or headphones and get a hands-free history lesson while commuting. Easily make notifications as frequent or seldom as you like, or turn on/off speech notifications. This app is a must-have for avid explorers!

Special offer: Right now until the end of July, you can get free admission to 23 of the nation’s top museums and zoos with Google’s Field Trip app. Take advantage of this freebie opportunity and download Field Trip today!


App name: Field Trip

Price: Free


  • Discover thousands of places including historic places and events, architecture, entertainment, food, local deals, outdoor art and obscure places of interest around you.
  • Set notifications to alert you when something cool is close by. You can customize notifications to alert you often, occasionally, or turn them off completely.
  • View places on a map and read or listen to the details.
  • Take a field trip while you commute and listen to the interesting places along your route.
  • Share your discoveries with social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Keep track of your recent trips with archived field trip cards.
  • Field Trip learns what you love. Give your discovery a thumbs up or down and this app will customize your next finding.