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App of the week: Relax Melodies


Eating healthy and working out are popular New Year’s resolutions, but what about getting more sleep? Rest and relaxation should be part of our health and fitness routine, but it’s difficult when you find yourself tossing and turning and certain sleep aids you've tried don’t work. This year, stop counting sheep and reach for your phone to turn insomnia into sweet dreams. Relax Melodies is a popular (and free) relaxation and sleep aid app that lulls you into a world of high-quality white noise sounds, music melodies and customizable mixes. With the help of 46 different sounds, you can create your own sleep/relaxation mix by selecting soothing harmonies you like, such as rain, thunder, wind chimes, birds chirping and more. Naturally fall into a relaxed state and rise feeling refreshed and calm. Set the timer to snooze for a specific duration or use the alarm feature to wake you peacefully when you’re ready. If you create a melody you love, simple save it as a favorite for later.

Sounds machines are certainly effective in lulling you to sleep, but have a sizable price tag to accommodate. This free version is worth a try and its high ratings prove to be effective. The app is also handy to pull out in any situation where you need a relaxing break, like meditation or a massage. Put aside some quiet time and make a restful night’s sleep a priority in 2014 with this must-have app.


App name: Relax Melodies

Price: Free


  • 46 high-quality ambient sounds, including 2 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
  • Mix your favorite sounds & music together with different volumes to create your own personal melodies. Includes 8 pre-mixed melodies for easy startup.
  • Create, save, sort and replay your favorites easily.
  • Set time duration to your favorite mixes or an alarm when you’re ready to wake up.
  • Enjoy a beautiful user interface for easy navigation and sound selection.