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Digital Lounge Blog


Hi Sprint Community!

Welcome to our new blog, where we'll begin providing frequent updates and information regarding Digital Lounge.  The new blog will offer a way for us to communicate to our users of the upcoming changes we're making to the site, as well as offer helpful information on new products and releases.  We've also taken a lot of your feedback regarding our redesign and are working hard to get these changes live as soon as we can.

Our new music service is still scheduled to launch in early 2011, where an expanded selection of call tones, ringers and music will be offered.  We know our current selection of content isn't as up to date as it should be, but your patience is greatly appreciated as we work to get this new music service up and running.

We'll be working to keep you updated through our blog as we continue making changes to Digital Lounge.  As always, if you have a comment or would like to leave feedback, please do so on our discussion thread: click here