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Disney Junior ID Pack Offers On-the-Go Access to Disney Junior Shows and Games for Your Child Right from Your Sprint Phone


Easily Customize Sprint Smartphone with Disney Junior Videos, Games, Wallpapers, Facebook Content

Are you a mom or dad who wants to keep your young kids entertained in the car while running errands around town or during a road trip? Now all you have to do is reach into your purse or pocket and pull out something you always have on hand – your Sprint Android-powered smartphone. Disney Junior ID, a new offering that loads select Sprint smartphones with Disney Junior content for preschoolers in a few simple clicks, is available starting today.

The Disney Junior ID pack transforms parents’ smartphones into something kids ages two to seven will enjoy whether out and about or at home.

About Sprint ID:

Sprint ID allows consumers, on select Sprint Android-powered devices, to instantly download “ID packs” – a package of content that delivers a complete mobile experience, including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers in a few simple clicks.

By simply selecting the Disney Junior ID pack icon from a library of more than 45 Sprint ID packs, the phone will automatically download apps, widgets and wallpapers from your child’s favorite shows, and other Disney Junior-related content.

Disney Junior ID pack offers your child:

Kids can watch a selection of their favorite shows with on-demand episodes, play engaging games, and keep up with some of their favorite Disney Junior characters right on the phone. Additionally, parents can get tips, ideas and more with the Disney Junior Facebook pages feed also available via the new ID pack.

The Disney Junior ID pack includes the following widgets and content:

  • Disney Junior Games: Keep kids entertained and engaged with games from featuring Jake and the Never Land Pirates – including Izzy’s Pirate Puzzles and Jake’s Treasure Hunt.

DJ Disney Games.jpg

  • Disney Junior Facebook: Parents can get the latest tips, recipes and sneak peeks on what is happening on all of the Disney Junior Facebook pages.


  • Disney Junior Videos: Your child can watch select episodes of their favorite Disney Junior shows on demand. Full episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins are among those available using the Sprint TV app.

DJ 101538.jpg

  • Disney Junior Wallpaper: Customize your phone with wallpapers featuring your child’s favorite Disney Junior characters.

Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product, Sprint

“Lately more and more moms and dads are finding fun mobile phone apps that their kids will enjoy, but rather than searching through an app store with thousands of apps, wondering which ones are best, we’ve simplified the process – they can simply click on the Disney Junior ID pack and get access to their kids’ favorite shows and games. We are excited to offer this robust mobile experience and we're thrilled to make this available to our customers.”

Compatible devices:

The Disney Junior ID pack is available on select Sprint ID-capable devices, including LG Viper 4G LTE, LG Optimus Elite, LG Optimus S, LG Marquee, Motorola PHOTON 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Conquer 4G, Samsung Transform, Samsung Replenish, Kyocera Milano and ZTE Fury

More details:

The Disney Junior ID pack is free to download with an Everything Data plan from Sprint. Users can download up to four additional ID packs onto their phone, in addition to Disney Junior, such as ESPN, MTV, or non-branded ID packs like Home Base, which features shopping, fitness and recipe apps, or Socially Connected, with apps to keep in touch with friends while out and about.


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