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Dotted Line Media


Dotted Line Media

How do I download ringtones from Dotted Line Media and PlayPhone Inc. onto an LG Lotus phone?


Re: Dotted Line Media

Couple of info  I got from forums. Please check if this steps are helpfull

Lotus will not take mp3 for ringtones. You have to use video (in 3gp2 format). You can convert your mp3 clips into 3gp2 by using Quicktime Pro. I followed the instruction from:   Or you can Google: how to make 3gpp2 It's a bit of work but worth it.

Or you can try this info

my "already made" ringtones were uploaded sucessfully via ...hope this is helpful info to will need a program to shorten or strip your song if you have not made it yet...I think goldwave or irfanview are some suggestions.



Re: Dotted Line Media

Let me clarify my question. I am not asking whether the LG Lotus will take mp3 ringtones. My question is: How do I download ringtones from Dotted Line Media using an LG Lotus.

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