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Get The Most Out Of Your Sprint ID Phone


Get The Most Out Of Your Sprint ID Phone

Have you purchased a Sprint ID device and have questions about Sprint ID or how to download ID packs? Please see some of the most frequently asked questions from Sprint ID users, below. If you have additional questions or want to see what ID packs are available, go to For Sprint ID device specific questions, you can go to Just select your phone and then view user guides, support articles, or videos to teach your more about your Sprint ID device. Hope this is helpful.

Have additional questions or feedback about your Sprint ID experience? Please comment below and share with us. Thanks!

Which phones are Sprint ID devices?

Current Sprint ID devices are the following: LG Optimus S, Samsung Transform, Samsung Replenish, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kyocera Milano, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Conquer

What is Sprint ID?

Sprint ID is a way Sprint allows you to customize your device by selecting mobile ID Packs featuring apps, ringers, wallpapers, widgets and more, all in a couple simple clicks. While you will receive a personalized experience with Sprint ID Packs, it will not limit you from downloading and utilizing additional applications from Android Market and utilizing key device services such as browsing on the internet, email, texting, taking pictures, etc.

What is the cost for Sprint ID?

Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan.

However, some premium applications within ID Packs may contain a monthly recurring charge. If this is the case, you will be notified of the associated monthly charge when you sign up for the application, similar to any other Android Market application. Phones that support Sprint ID already require a bundled voice/data plan, so any associated data costs should be covered by your existing plan.

How do I download an ID Pack?

Tap install an ID on initial phone set up screen. Browse ID Packs. Tap an ID Pack to view more information. Once you have selected an ID Pack, select install. You will see the terms and conditions. Tap I agree to continue. You will see the pack downloading. Click continue. To install, slide open the notifications bar and type install. If you have already installed an ID Pack and want to install another ID Pack, select the Sprint ID icon and select get new.

To learn more about available ID packs, visit There are a number of ID packs available based on your lifestyle and interests. Some of my favorite ID Packs are Green, ESPN, Fantasy Football, MTV Music ID, Where, Sprint, and Disney Channel.

How many ID packs can I download?

You can install up to 5 Sprint ID Packs on your phone in addition to your default My ID. You can uninstall or replace any of the 5 downloaded ID Packs at anytime. My ID is a default pack that cannot be deleted or uninstalled. For example, I use the Sprint ID pack for everyday use, but when I travel, I frequently switch to the Where ID Pack. I use the Where ID Pack to find restaurants, hotels, bars, etc, specific to my location.

How do I view my existing ID Packs?

You can open Sprint ID by clicking on the ID icon located on your phone's main Home screen. It can be found next to the Phone and Application icons. By opening Sprint ID, you can view the ID Packs that you currently have installed on your phone. If you don't see an ID icon on your Home screen, you can find Sprint ID by pressing the Applications icon or the Menu button.

How do I switch between ID packs?

On your main Home screen, press the ID icon next to the Phone and Application icons. At the Choose your ID screen, select the ID Pack you want and then click Install. The ID should appear on the phone within a few seconds. Note: If you don't see an ID icon on your Home screen, you can find Sprint ID by pressing the Applications icon or the Menu button.

I don’t see an internet browser as part of my ID Pack? How do I access it?

Select the applications icon on the bottom of your home screen, and then select Browser.

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