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Google Maps 4.6 Update now in Android Market

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google announced that they are launching Google Maps 4.6 with a new design for Place page reviews, more options to filter search results, and a Google Latitude real-time updating option.

From Google, you get:

Place page reviews
Now, you’ll see that Place pages on Android Maps share the same new design for displaying reviews as used by Place pages on your computer. You can see:

  • “Reviews from around the web” for highlighting sites that have high-quality reviews about the place.
  • “Reviews from Google users” for reviews posted directly to Google Maps by other users

Filter search results
Of course, you’ll first need to narrow down which Place page reviews to check out. In addition to distance and ratings, you can also filter results for some searches by:

  • Open now
  • Neighborhood
  • Related searches

Find the right place with the updated reviews section (left) or search results filters (right).

Google Latitude real-time updating
In  Latitude, you can also choose an experimental “Real-time updating”  option from an individual Latitude friend’s profile page to help meet up  with them by temporarily seeing faster location updates (friends must  have Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2+).

Get Google Maps 4.6 for Android 1.6 and above everywhere Maps is already available. Just search for Google Maps in Android Market

Press release via Google.