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HTC Hero with Google

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HTC Hero with Google

Handcent Font Pack2 application free

I emailed customer service and maybe someone will follow up.  Can you technically savvy folks help me with an app that I really want to run.  The application will download to my phone but I am unable to figure out how to run it.  It said I need to configure in SMS.  I looked online and on HTC website and I cannot find the specific instructions to do this.  Happy Spring.  I look forward to talking with you!  If the free app doesnt work there is one you can buy but I dont want to buy it if I cannot run it. 

Handcent Font Pack2

I contacted your customer service twice today and I was hung up on.  I am emailing regaurding a free internet app that helps me with text messaging.  The application is called Handcent Font Pack2.  I am able to install this app but I am unable to get it to open and run.  I would like to utilize this application.  This is for HTC hero with google phone.  Please have someone contact me at [...] so that I can install the application on my other phone. 

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HTC Hero with Google

*** DON'T TRY TO LAUNCH IT ***,you need install the package and setup  fonts parameters from Handent SMS or other handcent application

How to use additional font package at Handcent SMS?

First,Laucn  Handcent SMS ,then click "menu" button,choose "Settings" Then "Custom  Style",then you can choose "ConversationList Settings" to define fonts  at handcent conversation list(main) window or "bubble settings"to define  fonts at conversation window

Click "ConversationList Settings"  Then Choose "Contact Font",Click "Font Pack" drop down list, And you  will see a list,for example: Handcent SMS font pack1,Handcent SMS font  pack2,Handcent SMS font pack3,Handcent SMS font pack4,Handcent font  pack5...choose one of these packs,if you haven't installed it ,handcent  will navigate you to the market and you can install it directly. after  you have choosen font pack ,you can choose font at the packs and define  the style ,size and so on

You also can scan external font pack  that  you installed and apply them to Handcent SMS by going to "Custom  Style" option and  "Scan external Font packages"

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HTC Hero with Google

Thank you for the quick response. 

Unfortunately I do not understand how to "Launch Handcent SMS"  I have played with my phone night and day and I cannot figure that part out.  The funny thing is I used to work technical support for Hewlett Packard LOL.  I am going to try again.  Your response is very helpful.  I Just cannot figure out how to launch Handcent SMS.  I have been to texting menu and edited my text message notice action and I am not applying the correct command.  Thanks Again. 


HTC Hero with Google

Oh I think I get it now.  What application runs Handcent SMS.  There is another application required to run that program?  I will look up that information.  Bling Light bulb LOL


HTC Hero with Google

Open the market and search for "Handcent SMS" it is a separate text messaging application, Much more robust then the stock one.

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