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MTV Announces MTV Music ID – The Newest Addition to the Sprint ID Lineup


MTV today announced that its fans can now keep tabs on their favorite artists, stay up-to-date on pop culture news, listen to their favorite music and discover new bands on-the-go with MTV Music ID, a complete mobile music experience available exclusively on the following Sprint Android devices:  LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™ and Samsung Transform™.

Dermot McCormack, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, MTV Networks Music & Logo Group

“MTV Music ID provides music fans with an on-the-go all-inclusive music experience for access to favorite MTV and third party music content through multiple music-centric apps and widget. Sprint ID is an innovation for Android and we’re excited to be a part of this unique service.”

LG Optimus and MTV ID.JPG

Sprint ID

Sprint ID is a whole new way to find apps and personalize your device.  Sprint ID allows users, on select Sprint devices, to quickly download ID packs that deliver a predefined experience, including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers, all at once.

In addition to packs designed to meet customers’ general interests such as sports, fitness, entertainment and games, Sprint also is teaming up with great partners such as MTV.

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Which phones can get MTV Music ID?

MTV Music ID is free and available by the end of December on three value-priced Android smartphones when activated on an Everything Data plan:  LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform.  Visit for current prices.

What’s included in MTV Music ID?

MTV Music ID includes MTV News, MTV Photos and the MTV Music Meter, a brand new way to stay on top of which artists you need to know. MTV has also partnered with the best third-party apps to create a full music experience with none of the work.

MTV Meter: The MTV Music Meter is a daily list of artists trending right now. Discover these artists and others like them through audio samples, photos, recent tweets, news articles and bios. Or chart your own discovery path by searching through more than 1 million artists.

MTV News App: Unparalleled access to the biggest stars and pop-culture happenings around the clock and customizable to users based on the news category that interests them most (music, celebrity, shows, movies and gaming).

MTV Headlines Widget: Instant headlines and pop-culture news about music, movies, television, celebrities and gaming.

MTV Twitter: Get instant updates from the official MTV Twitter account.

Rhapsody:  Rhapsody is a premium, on-demand music service. Find music and play it instantly. With a subscription, you can listen and download anything and everything in Rhapsody’s catalog of 11 million songs. Listen on your phone, your computer, on a variety of MP3 players and with home audio systems.

Pandora: Pandora Radio is personalized radio. Start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or composers, and Pandora will create a “station” that plays that music and more music like it.

SoundHound: SoundHound is instant music search and discovery – the world's fastest music recognition – only four seconds to name tunes playing from a speaker. And the only viable singing and humming recognition!

doubleTwist: Sync your playlists, ratings and play counts to your Android phone with the doubleTwist Player for Android.

David Owens, vice president of consumer marketing at Sprint

“MTV Music ID is a way for our customers to simply and easily get a phone that is completely personalized with the MTV news that’s important to them. Music fans have wanted a better way to stay connected to MTV and their music, artists and news, wherever they happen to be and now Sprint gives them that. MTV Music ID is a great example of how Sprint ID customers can have a different kind of mobile experience that is tailored to their interests by just picking an ID pack. Rather than having to customize their phone themselves, MTV and Sprint have done the work for them by providing an incredibly rich music experience that users can select at the push of a button.”

More information:

For more information about MTV Music ID visit

Take MTV Anywhere with MTV Music ID – A Complete MTV Mobile Experience Now Available on Android™ Spr...

Editor’s note:  For high-resolution images of MTV Music ID on a Sprint Android device, contact Kurt Patat;; 212-846-2528 or Amy Johnsonbaugh;; 949-748-3389.

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