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Sprint Product Ambassador

  Mint Personal Finance  By Intuit Inc.

Some of you may have heard of today’s APPvice.  It’s called Mint, and has been a huge success for the past few years.  For those of you that are wondering, no, it’s not a refreshing treat, but rather Mint is a finance application.  Mint gives other finance and budgeting apps a run for their money, as Mint is an intelligent, user-friendly, secure app that is completely free.

Mint is a simple, clean, online money management program that you can set up in minutes. It syncs with your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, allows you to set-up budgets, and much more.


It determines where you spend your money by analyzing your spending data and gives you an excellent overview of your financial status, which can be quite eye-opening.

Being a long-time Mint fangirl, I was thrilled to find out that they created an Android app.  Now I can keep an eye on my money, budget on the go, and know where I stand at all times.

Regarding the Android app, I had an existing account, so for me I simply needed to enter my email address and password to access my data.  However, if you don't have a account, the app will ask you for your email address where they will send you information pertaining to creating a account.

After logging into the Android app, you will see an accounts overview, cash flow, and alerts.  You can drill into each to see further detail.  For example, drill into "accounts" by simply touching "accounts," you will then see groceries, fast food, clothing, movies & dvd's, restaurants, and gas & fuel.   It tells you if you're over budget, under budget, and how much you have remaining to spend in each category.  Below is a screenshot displaying recent transactions...  No, those are not "my" recent transactions. 


When drilling out on Cash Flow, you can view where your money is being spent.. Food & Dining, Bills & Utilities, Health & Fitness, Uncategorized, and Shopping.  Hit "MERCHANT," to see exactly how much you've spent and at which stores.  How awakening!  Nice to know where that money goes!

By touching "MENU" within the app, you can add a passcode to further protect your data, change your passcode, and turn on your Android Access settings, such as Global Search, Live Folder and App Widget (pictured below)...


To add the widget to your Android device (after enabling it), find a blank space on your Android screen and press and hold the screen, select "widget," and then scroll down and press ""

This app is so simple, smart, and beautiful. It allows end-users to know where they stand financially on the fly.

In a nutshell, with today's economy, we need to stay close to our money and know where it stands at all times.  If you agree, and would like to have safe, secure, online money management for free, Mint is the app for you.  It can be downloaded in Android Market, or scan the QR code below with your Android Barcode Scanner...