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Please Help Me


Please Help Me

I am so irritated right now I can barely see straight & what I really want to do is scream & curse at someone. This website becomes more & more user-UNfriendly every time I access it. All I want to do is renew my call tone that I have had on this phone for several years & have to renew every 3 months because Sprint won't allow you to just purchase something & be done with it. However, there is no option for me to "buy" this call tone or "renew" it again despite the fact that in My Content Manager - it suggest this "option" is available. The digital lounge is so jacked up right now that I can't even FIND this call tone, let alone re-purchase it! And apparently, the chatting with a tech agent is no longer a possibility either. Sprint you really have the worst customer service ever & your website sucks. If anyone can PLEASE tell me how I can renew my call tone I would greatly appreciate it. It is a voice tone called "Female Friend Calling" 

Thank you so much!


Please Help Me

Hey, CSCHU21 - I'm the Digital Lounge  manager.

I am unclear as to whether you are experiencing issues with the Ringback Tone (FKA Call tones) experience in general; the My Content Manager experience, or the inavailability of a specific Ringback Tone.

Please feel free to PM me with additional information. Thanks!

Please Help Me

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your reply. Yesterday, before the ringback tone "expired," in the My Content Manager, it told me that I could review my recent purchases. Navigation to this part of the site showed me that I had purchased this ringback tone and that it would expire yesterday.  The site told me if I wanted to renew this ringback tone, I should select BUY. However, there was no place to do this. There was NO link and no clue as to where I could go to do that.

Over the past several times I have renewed this ringback tone (why again are they calling it that now?), it has been difficult to locate the ringback tone - but I have previously managed to find it after some digging. However, this time I cannot even find it. I go to the ringback tones page in the digital lounge and select "voice tones" which is where it should be - and there are only a few select ones available (and you can't even see all of those). So, it is unclear if this ringback tone still even exists or if it is simply inaccessible due to all of this poor redesigning. Searching for the name of the ringback tone produces no results - as if it does not exist. However, previously searching for the name produced the same results and it was still available - the search engine just obviously sucked.

So, I need to know if this ringback tone still exists and, if it does, how to get to it. Also, it would be really awesome if there could be some kind of automatic renewal on it or if there was actually a link I could use to get to it when it has to be renewed (assuming that the link won't be changed again in the future with more redesigning).

Thank you kindly.


Please Help Me


I have good news, I hope! First off, we have dramatically improved the renewal process for Ringback Tones (RBTs). We completely overhauled both the Digital Lounge and the Music product experiences and catalogs in March. New purchases now last for 6 months, and the notification is more streamlined and easier to manage.

Unfortunately, we did not include your previous RBT in the new catalog.  I have passed your request on to the product manager, in hopes that they might add additional options along those lines. I'll follow up if we get a replacement stocked.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this note. I hope we serve you better in the future and you find the new experience and renewal process easier to navigate.

BTW - we only changed the term because we wanted to use the industry standard. Each carrier had a different name and it got confusing.


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