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Reclaiming Sprint # for Google Voice


Reclaiming Sprint # for Google Voice

Probably a question more for Google than Sprint forums .... but I can't find ANY help on the Google forums.  The purpose for trying to acquire 3 different Google Voice numbers is for 3 different office locations in 3 different states (CA, CO, NC).  Long story, but people wonder if I give out a phone number with an unknown area code.  "Where's 949?  Where's 719?  Where's 704?"

I have 3 Gmail accounts ... #1, #2, #3

I got a new Google Voice number (GV #1 for Gmail #1) and used my Sprint number as my one & only FORWARDING phone (I have no other phone ... completely mobile).

I got a second Google Voice number (GV #2 for Gmail #2) and tried to use my Sprint number as a FORWARDING phone, verified it using my Sprint phone, then got an email to Gmail #1 saying,

"Please note that the forwarding number (Sprint number) was deleted from your Google Voice account (GV #1) because it was claimed and verified by another Google Voice user (i.e. GV #2).  If you still want this forwarding number on your account and believe  this was an error, please <click here to learn more>.

I was able to follow the instructions to "reclaim" my Sprint number back to my GV #1, leaving GV #2 WITHOUT any forwarding Sprint number (i.e. just voicemail via Google Chat) ... that's perfectly fine.

A week later, I attempted to add a third Google Voice number (GV #3 for Gmail #3) and tried to AVOID using any number as a FORWARDING phone based upon my problems with adding GV #2 above.  I wasn't allowed to add GV #3 WITHOUT a forwarding phone, so I decided to follow the same procedure of reclaiming my Sprint number after adding/verifying GV #3 using my Sprint phone.  I got the same email to Gmail #1 above.

HOWEVER, this time I was unable to reclaim my Sprint number!!  After trying to delete my Sprint number from GV #3, which I wasn't allowed to do, and trying to "reclaim" my Sprint number to GV #1, which I wasn't allowed to do .... I completely deleted my Gmail #3 account, hoping to release my Sprint number in order to "reclaim" it for GV #1 again.  Seems logical .... no Gmail account, no Google Voice to attach it to.

Without being able to "reclaim" my Sprint number back to GV #1, I'm stuck with GV #1 and GV #2 as voicemail ONLY (NO forwarding phone!) .... I can't use my Sprint phone to call out via Google Voice at all anymore.  Grrrr ....

Sorry for the long, detailed post .... can ANYONE @ Sprint help me with this dilemma.  I WANT MY SPRINT NUMBER UNATTACHED TO ANY GOOGLE VOICE NUMBER!!! 

Thanks for your help, friends ....


Don't know what happened, but while my Epic was turned off, I received two missed calls notifications in my Gmail #1 Inbox from two contacts who only had my Sprint number ... and the missed calls showed up in my GV #1 Inbox!  Huh?

I quickly went into GV #1 and tried to reclaim my Sprint number from (now deleted) GV #3 ... and it worked!!

I will not try to acquire another GV # after this fiasco.  After seeing the multitude of Sprint-Google Integration issues, I'm quite fearful of even using Google Voice much longer.


I don't quite understand the issue in detail, but i played with GV, and it was ok, i wanted my sprint# to work as it should so i don' tknow if this will help but from you mobile device do:

*285189458466 GV on

*38 GV off

It may be the other way around but i hope this helps. If not, good luck and i hope a Sprint rep answers soon.


My reply to my own post (right above you) mentions that GV just "corrected itself" ... don't quite understand how that happened, but it did.

I was trying to acquire 3 GV numbers for 3 different Gmail accounts ... you can do that, but you have to have 3 different forwarding phones for that to work.

Now that I have my Sprint number back (and connected to my Gmail account #1 with GV #1 Full Features), I still have GV #2 connected to my Gmail account #2 with only the Google Chat feature (for voicemail), since you can only a single forwarded number (i.e. my Sprint number) connected to one GV #.

You'll understand what I'm talking about as you get more acquainted with Google Voice.

Thanks for your help, though ... much appreciated!

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