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Sprint App of the Week - 4G


Remember when futurists were promising that one day we would be able to see the person we are speaking with on the phone?

Well that day definitely has arrived. Apps such as Qik and fring make videoconferencing on your mobile phone as easy as tapping a couple times on a touchscreen.

With Samsung Epic 4G joining HTC EVO 4G as the second 4G phone in the Sprint lineup this week, we wanted to focus on some apps that work particularly well over 4G or on Epic and EVO.

Beyond video calls, Epic is great for gamers. And Sprint TV is another great app for both of these 4G phones.

The folks from fring recently visited Sprint headquarters and put video calling through its paces. Check out these videos to see fring in action or learn more about how to use it.

fring video call on Sprint's Samsung Epic

What is fring ? (on Android with video calls)

Fring on

Qik is another good videocalling option.

Qik on

Qik for HTC EVO 4G on

The new Samsung Epic 4G is ideal for gamers. With its brilliant Super AMOLED touchscreen display the Samsung Epic 4G offers the best representation of color on a mobile device. It also features faster response time, which reduces “ghosting” images, wide viewing angles to prevent blurring or distortion and a thinner design to offer more accurate and responsiveness to touch. Lastly, the Samsung Epic 4G’s six-axis motion sensing uses an accelerometer and geo-magnetic sensor to fine-tune its ability to interpret simple movements and provide an optimal gaming experience.

Asphalt 5 is a cool game to play, and a demo version comes preloaded on the Samsung Epic 4G.

Read more and download Asphalt 5 from Cyrket.

Sprint TV

Sprint TV offers a variety of programming choices for customers from sports and entertainment to news. In fact with ESPN Mobile, customers can watch live sports action including the US Open (through the quarterfinals), college football and MLB baseball games.

Sprint TV

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