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Sprint App of the Week: Brain & Puzzle Games for Adults


Written by Amy Johnsonbaugh

Sure Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are entertaining games to play on your smartphone while trying to kill time, but since kids are heading back to school we found some games to help keep parents’ minds sharp as well.

My husband loves crossword puzzles and ever since we stopped subscribing to the daily newspaper, he has solved puzzles on his smartphone. His favorite by far is Shortyz Crosswords because it downloads a selection of free Crossword Puzzles from daily newspapers across the country including Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and more.


Four Ways Crossword Puzzles are Believed to Benefit Your Brain

      1. Enhance vocabulary
      2. Strengthen word recall and memory
      3. Stimulate problem solving skills
      4. Improve focus and attention

There are a number of free Sudoku puzzle apps available for Android and iPhone. Similar to word games like Crossword Puzzles, many say number puzzles like Sudoku stimulate the mind, improve your memory and may aid in delaying the effects of aging.

Sudoku is a numbers game in which you have to fill in each of the blank boxes with the correct number. To win this game you have to fill in each row, column, and 9-digit box with the numbers 1-9 using each number only once. Each number is used a total of 9 times.

Sudoku Free

  • 1,500 Sudoku puzzles
  • More than 5 difficulty levels: covering easy through to medium, hard, extreme levels
  • Smooth interface and graphics.
  • Statistics tracking, including fastest times, average times and completion percentage for each level.
  • Optional hints and board aids.
  • Two sets of Sudoku board art and fonts.

Sudoku Free.png

Words With Friends

The popular mobile word game Words With Friends Free is now available for Android devices. Play Words With Friends Free with both your Android and iPhone-toting friends. Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.

Words with Friends.png

My daughter starts preschool next month and my phone is loaded with kids games for her to learn her alphabet and numbers (check out last week's post about kids apps for back to school), but I’ll also be loading “grown-up” puzzles such as these onto my phone to boost my brain power!

What games to you play to challenge your mind?