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Sprint App of the Week: CMT (Country Music Television) Sprint ID pack


Sprint and CMT recently launched the CMT (Country Music Television) Sprint ID pack - the first country music-themed Sprint ID pack, loaded with popular CMT apps, widgets and more.

The CMT ID pack transforms Sprint ID-enabled devices into the ultimate accessory for country music fans with instant access to their favorite stars’ music, videos, breaking news and more.

The CMT ID pack features such popular apps as CMT Insider and CMT On Air, along with CMT-recommended apps including Rhapsody, SoundHound and The Grand Ole Opry.

Samsung Conquer 4G - CMT Home 10 14 11.jpg

Click on the image below to watch a video highlighting what the CMT ID pack is all about:


Media is buzzing about the CMT ID pack - from the Nashville Post to Android and tech blogs - read what they are saying: 

Country music outlets:

Android/Tech blogs:

CMT is also excited about the news, sharing it via their social media sites:
On CMT’s Facebook page:!/cmt/posts/10150324308813196
And Twitter:!/FollowCMT/status/119436291719966720
Keep an eye out on CMT’s popular TV shows, such as CMT Insider and CMT Top 20 Countdown, where the ID pack will soon be featured!

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About Sprint ID
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Have you tried the new CMT ID pack? Tell us what you think. Or, do you have a favorite Sprint ID pack?

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