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Sprint App of the Week--DJ Studio 3


You already know that your smartphone can act as a mini computer for emailing and checking your social media profiles on the go, sending group texts to select groups of friends and playing a myriad of mobile games. But did you know that you can turn your smartphone into a turntable for scratching, looping and pitching songs?

After downloading the DJ Studio 3 app, search your Sprint smartphone’s music selection by folder, artist, album or song name to create single, editable playlists that can be loaded on and then shared between the two decks on the main screen in this app. Each deck contains a three-band equalizer and two cue points.

There are a host of settings to customize your experience--including options like enabling the automix feature--and you can even record your mixes and share them on SoundCloud. The app is great for both music newbies and experts alike as it allows you to practice and perfect your DJ skills with minimal investment.

Have you used DJ Studio 3? What other music apps have you used through your smartphone to sharpen your skills as a DJ or an instrumentalist?

DJ Studio 3_image 5.jpgDJ Studio 3_image 4.jpg