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Sprint App of the Week -- Fitness Apps


If your New Year's resolution is to exercise more, lose weight or get in shape, turn your smartphone into your own personal trainer and make it easy to keep your resolution. There are hundreds of fitness apps to download to your phone. Here are a few of our favorites.

CardioTrainer – this app uses GPS to track your workout, and includes a pedometer in case you lose your GPS signal. It includes a heart rate monitor, workout schedule with reminders, music player, calorie counter and the ability to share your workout information with friends to keep motivated. At the end of the workout it will tell you how many calories you have burned and the food equivalent. CardioTrainer is free in the Android Market.


Daily Burn – this is a comprehensive fitness app that allows you to manage your diet, fitness and exercise. You can create a training plan based on your fitness goals and customize a diet plan. Use the FoodScanner to track your calories and the app includes instructions on how to perform each exercise. DailyBurn is available for free in iTunes.

daily burn.bmp

MapMyFitness – download this app and find the best running route wherever you are and then use your phone’s GPS to track and map your workout. MapMyFitness is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Fooducate – simply scan the product’s barcode and the app gives a grade from A to F to let you know how smart your food choice really is. It lists key nutritional information, such as displaying how many calories per serving, sugar per serving and lets you know if the food contains trans-fat or is made with refined flours. This is an easier alternative than trying to decode nutrition fact labels and ingredient lists on food packages. You can even click on a tab within the app and find healthier food alternatives. Fooducate is available in the Android Market and iTunes.

What are your favorite fitness apps?

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