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Sprint App of the Week--Five Mobile Games to Play Today


Written by Mark Starr, gaming and entertainment expert.

As the gaming and entertainment expert for Sprint, people constantly ask me what games I’m playing on my phone.  I usually tell them I’ve been stuck playing Edge Extended (which I just can’t put down), but lately these five games have also been keeping me happy and entertained. I can practically guarantee you will find some type of enjoyment from all of these games.  All are addictive, affordable, and easy to pick up on the go. When I find myself stuck in the airport or anywhere else with time to kill, I simply open up one of these games and have at it.  And the good news is that all are available on the iOS and Android platforms.  Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite.     

Spirit HD.png

Game: Spirit HD

Developer: Jakyl

Availability: iOS & Android

A self-proclaimed retro-styled game with stellar graphics, Spirit HD takes mobile gaming in a somewhat different direction.  Rather than relying on shooting, running, or jumping, the player simply uses their device’s touchscreen and finger to eliminate enemies floating on a moving grid. As you circle the enemy on the screen you, create a vortex for which they get sucked into and killed. There are three levels to Spirit HD (Classic, Extreme, and Pulse), and each gets harder with time.  As you clear each screen, you will move on to more enemies and need to get faster at your killing skills.  Survive as long as you can!    

Canabalt HD.png

Game: Canabalt HD

Developer: Kittehface Software

Availability: iOS & Android

Canabalt HD is easily one of the most addictive mobile games on the market due to the player’s ability to hit play and go.  The object is to run through (and over) buildings to avoid falling off the ledge or not making it through a window.  As you run, buildings begin to shake, crumble, and fall.  With some very fast-paced music to accompany your efforts, your time will certainly come to an end in no time.  Make no mistake, though, for a game this unbelievably simple, the intensity level is off the chart.  Canabalt HD is perfection when it comes to wasting a few minutes of time in the doctor’s office, boardroom meeting, or riding on the subway. 

Ski Safari.png

Game: Ski Safari

Developer: Defiant Development

Availability: iOS & Android

Winter is definitely approaching, so winter games will be more popular than ever.  When it comes to skiing, many of us aren’t able to make it out to the slopes as much as we’d like.  However, if you’re one of these folks, Defiant Development has just the solution for you.  Ski Safari is a beautiful downhill skiing adventure.  As you wake up from your slumber in a warm cabin, a huge avalanche of snow is chasing you.  It’s up to you to escape quickly by jumping rocks, flying over objects, and getting downhill as quickly as possible.  Yetis, penguins, and eagles are happy to assist you in your journey and will even let you do multiple backflips while on their backs.  

Ready Steady Bang.png

Game: Ready Steady Bang

Developer: Noodlecake Studios

Availability: iOS & Android

Without question, Ready Steady Bang is the most minimally-designed mobile game out there. It only consists of three colors (black, white, and grey) and looks like it was made in ten minutes.  But that doesn’t mean it lacks excitement or enjoyment. It’s a game of draw first to kill the other cowboy in front of you.  Yes, just like the old western movies. Before each standoff, the game assists by saying ready…steady…bang!  One tap is all it takes to send your opponent to the ground.  And with 31 unique cowboy deaths, you’re sure to have a great laugh on nearly every one.  This game is painfully simple, but addictive as hell.  Grab a close friend and get ready take out your aggressions from the day.

Sprinkle_11 1 12.png

Game: Sprinkle

Developer: Mediocre

Availability: iOS & Android

Somebody pull the fire alarm!  The cutest little blue cartoon creatures in the gaming world are about to burn in their village.  Luckily you are here to help them as you use the extendable fire truck and hose to put out the fires.  Sprinkle is very similar to Where’s My Water in that the challenge is to aim your water nozzle at several fires to put them out before the village is destroyed.  As the game gets more difficult, you are required to figure out puzzles and angles to get the water into harder to reach areas. Like most games in this genre, each level gets harder.  But then, you wouldn’t want these cute little creatures to die now, would you?