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Sprint App of the Week - Food


Whether you want to eat your veggies or find a nice, big juicy steak, apps on your Sprint phone can help you out.

You’ll have to select what you want from the menu once you arrive, but apps certainly can help you get to the restaurant.

These apps are great if you are traveling in an unfamiliar place or just want to pick a new restaurant rather than going to the same old place in your city.

Check out a few of the restaurant-suggesting apps we found. When you are hungry, do you use these or do you have other go-to apps that provide a menu of local restaurant options?

HappyCow Vegin Out on

On, this app is described as “Find healthy vegetarian, vegan, & veg-friendly restaurants nearby*, or enter a location manually.”

Happy Cow

Urbanspoon on

Feeling lucky? Shake your phone and Urbanspoon’s suggestions will start spinning like a slot machine.  Once they stop you can see if you hit the jackpot by finding a good place to grab a bite. If not, shake it and try again. said Urbanspoon is an “Awesome location based restaurant recommendation app” that  “Helps with deciding dining choices,” and can provide “restaurant information; address, phone number, user and critic reviews, menu, etc.”

In its review, said Urbanspoon is a great app for the indecisive.

“Have you ever been in the situation where you can’t decide where to eat?” asked. “Urbanspoon can solve that problem with a simple shake of your phone. Urbanspoon is essentially a ‘restaurant slot machine’ with the outcome being a restaurant choice.”

OpenTable on

This app is good for finding a local restaurant, maybe checking out its menu or even making a reservation. It doesn’t necessarily cover every city or every restaurant, but it can be very helpful where it is available.

In this review, said it’s easy to use and has a wide selection of restaurants in its database.

“So how well does OpenTable work?” asked. “Pretty darn well actually. Just this past week, I made reservations at a popular restaurant in downtown Minneapolis at 5pm to surprise my wife before going to see a play. Realizing I was running slightly late at work, I was able to change the reservation from 5 to 5:30 all while stopped at a stoplight on the drive home. I was also able to click on the address in the app to get directions via Google Maps.”

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