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Sprint App of the Week -- Football Apps


Written by Benjamen Brennais, sports fanatic and avid app user.

September has always been my favorite month of the year. After months and months of waiting, football season finally begins. Is there anything better than watching your favorite team with family and friends?

And smartphones have made watching football even more enjoyable because they now have apps that give you an interactive experience and keep you up to date on your favorite teams and players. In addition to checking scores and stats, there are now multiple apps that allow you to participate in fantasy football leagues and keep up with how your players are doing.

And when my weekend or weeknight plans take me away from my TV, I simply bring my phone with me so I can catch my favorite college teams on the Sprint TV app. This weekend there are several college football games showing on the ESPN Mobile TV channel on Sprint TV. For a list of games that you can watch from your phone over the weekend and throughout football season, follow @sprintapps on Twitter.  

Here are some of my favorite football apps:

CBS Sportscaster – This is my favorite sports app out of the bunch. The interactive menu allows quick access to scores of any game being played that day. When you click on the score it will take you to a new menu that shows you individual and team stats, fantasy league updates, recent tweets about the game or teams, and the current active roster. With all that information available in one area it makes it easy to keep up with all of your favorite teams with a touch of your finger. There are also separate areas that allow you to participate in fantasy leagues for the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. It combines scores and stats with social media so you can see what experts are saying about that fantasy league. If you are a college fan, you can get the same information based on teams and conferences.

CBS Sportscater.png

Score Mobile – I personally enjoy how straightforward Score Mobile is. When you launch the app it will automatically populate the scores of any games that day/week. There is a menu at the top that allows you to select from the sport that you are looking to see. You can easily switch from the NFL to College Football to get an idea of how your favorite teams are doing. When you click on the score you are provided stats for each team and breakdowns of the game with real time updates. You can ask for notifications to be sent to your phone based on teams that you select so you can be notified when the score of the game changes.


Yahoo! Fantasy Football 2012 – This is the app for fantasy football lovers. Each year Yahoo! creates a fantasy league and allows people to create teams and groups for free. There are weekly and yearly prizes awarded for having the most points and the best team. You can play against your friends or team up and play against people around the world. The Fantasy Football app allows you to create and manage your team so you are getting the most out of your league. You can see real time stat updates and send messages to your league from your phone. This app also allows you to get real time notifications sent to your phone so you can keep up with your team on the go.

Yahoo! Fantasty Football.png

Yahoo! Sportacular – This is another app that allows easy access to scores and stats. Its menu it very easy to navigate through and it shows a description of each play that happened in the game. One of the cool different features of this app is that it allows you to choose the team you think will win before the games start. You can then compare your scores to the rest of the nation and see how your football skills stack up to the competition.


Get ready for an awesome football season!