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Sprint App of the Week - Fourth of July


It is the Fourth of July weekend, and we want to share some apps that can help you celebrate the Red, White and Blue!

Watch fireworks on your phone all day long with this fun Android app. You can change backgrounds and watch a fireworks display at locations around the world.

Fireworks on

Impress your friends at the BBQ with you knowledge of patriotic quotes with this app.

Patriotic Quotes on

Your get together or fireworks display just wouldn’t be the same without music. Pandora is one of our favorite apps and the Fourth of July is just another reason to download it. With a cord connecting the jack on a phone such as HTC EVO 4G and the sound system in your home you can let

Pandora fill the room with great tunes.

Pandora on

Pandora on-the-go

Don’t let a rainstorm ruin all your fun. Download Weatherbug and keep an eye on your local radar.

Weatherbug on

Happy Fourth of July!