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Sprint App of the Week - Games


Now who doesn’t love slingshotting angry, pig-hunting flocks of birds through the air?

I must admit to partaking in that pastime a little bit myself in recent weeks. Indeed, the  holiday-themed Angry Birds Seasons offers an extra special twist to this fun game.

But as long as you have a phone that can connect to Android Market, that is just but one of many great games only a fingertap away.

The developers over at Syrious Games have come up with a couple of other games that definitely are worth a try.

Syrious Blasts in-game 200 by 300 .png

Syrious Blasts!™

This is, according to Visual Systems Corporation, the developers, “an addicting fast-paced puzzle game. Quickly connect the fuses to blast the fireworks. Excite your crowd and earn bonus points! If you like games like Rocket Mania or Milky Milky, you'll love Syrious Blasts!”

The game comes in a free “lite” version or a full version for 99 cents. As the developers say, “Syrious Blasts costs less than a cup of coffee and will give you endless hours of addicting fun!”

Here is a link to more information about the game, including QR codes you can scan with your phone that make it easy to find and download the game in Android Market.

Syrious Blasts! on

You can read even more about Syrious Blasts! on the developer’s blog.

Syrious Scramble.png

Syrious Scramble™!

The same crew behind Syrious Blasts!™ also has put together a fantastic word game.

With Syrious Scramble™!, you “make as many 3 to 6 letter words as you can from 6 scrambled letters before time runs out! If you like Text Twist or Scrabble, you'll love this addicting game!” according to the folks at Visual Systems .

This game also comes in free “lite” version as well as a $2.99 “full” version.

Here is a link to more details about the game, including the QR codes can be scanned with your phone to find and download the game on Android Market.

Syrious Scramble™!  on

Here is full review of the game from Android Rundown

Try these games and share about your experiences here on the Community's Mobile Applications site.

You also can connect with Syrious Games on Twitter at @SyriousGames or at the Syrious Games blog.

And, yes, if you haven't already tried it, you can join the crowds sending those Angry Birds after the pigs.

Angry Birds on

Angry Birds Seasons on