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Sprint App of the Week -- Glu Mobile ID Pack


Gaming apps continue to be some of the most popular apps in the marketplace. Sprint and Glu Mobile, a leading global publisher of social mobile games, is making it easy for gamers to play some of their favorite mobile games with a new Glu Mobile Sprint ID Pack. The Glu ID packs give users easy access to many of their favorite Glu games – including top titles: Gun Bros, Bug Village, Contract Killer, Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter Challenge.

Available Glu ID packs are:

  • Guitar Hero & More: Download this ID pack and prepare to rock out to Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. As an intermission, check out the 10 additional Glu games available in this ID pack.
  • Deer Hunter & More: This ID pack is a bulls-eye for shooting fanatics with Deer Hunter Challenge, Deer Hunter 3D and Deer Hunter African Safari. Waiting to reload? This ID pack includes a dozen more Glu games to test your skills.
  • Free Glu Games: Thirteen Glu games at your fingertips for the best price: FREE! This ID pack features top franchises like Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter.

All three ID packs feature Glu top shooter games, Gun Bros and Contract Killer.

Guitar Hero 1.jpgdeer hunter.jpg

Sprint ID Capable Devices:

If you have one of these Sprint ID devices you can download it today – the LG Optimus S, Motorola PHOTON 4G, Sanyo Zio, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan.

How to Download:

  • Simply Select ID button on bottom of device
  • Select “get new”
  • Select “Glu ID” from catalogue of ID Packs
  • Select download

You can download up to four additional ID packs onto your device, in addition to Glu. To see all Sprint ID packs, visit