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Sprint App of the Week – Grocery Shopping Made Easier


Have you ever arrived at the grocery store to then realize that you left your list and stack of coupons on the counter at home? Happened more times than you would like to admit? If this is you, then you are in luck. Even if it’s not you and you just want an easier way to keep track of what you need to pick up at the store, then keep reading. There is a handy app for your phone called Grocery iQ, an intuitive shopping list. 

This app is easy to set up, navigate and customize to your needs.  You can create different lists for each store. For instance, you may shop at a warehouse discount store for some items and a local grocery store for other items.  In addition, you may need to stop off at the pharmacy for another item.  With Grocery iQ, it’s easy to keep the list for each store separate to avoid confusion.   Adding favorites is a cinch and this allows you to just add them easily each week or whenever you make your list for the store.

Below are screen shots of what a list could look like, how it populates when entering your items and favorites.


So, about those coupons. This app links to electronic coupons from as well as allowing you to send them to your Safeway savings card (currently the only savings/loyalty card supported).  If you don’t shop at Safeway, you simply just select the coupons you want and then you can email them to yourself for printing to be honored by other retailers.  (Note: you must have a account – free to sign up for). 

Here are pictures of the coupons and the list email screens:


Other great features of this app include organizing items by aisle or organizing your list by how you navigate the store.  This app also has a barcode scanning feature where you can scan any item and upload it into your list as well as editing an item for size and price.  Need to share the list between devices? No problem! You can share your lists by using the List Sharing function.


One of the best things about this app, it’s free for both Android and iOS.  For Android, go here and for iPhones, go here.

Do you have other apps you like to use for shopping? Please feel free to share those as well as giving us your feedback or experience with Grocery iQ.

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