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Sprint App of the Week -- Healthy Living


Today was Walk to School Day at my children’s school. The event is designed to promote safety, a cleaner an environment and a healthier lifestyle. It was a great day to walk and it was inspiring to see the community supporting the event. The kids were excited, and I heard several people talking about how good they felt getting some exercise in the early morning.

So, now I am thinking about all the different apps available for your smartphone that can help you with a healthier lifestyle.

Fooducate – this is one of my favorites and it is free in Google Play and iTunes. With Fooducate, you can scan nutrition labels as you shop and the app will analyze the product ingredients enabling you to make healthier decisions about the food you are buying.


Calorie Counter by fatsecret – another great app for healthier living. Calorie Counter is a simple tool to find all the calorie and nutrition facts for the food you eat. It allows you easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight. Calorie Counter is free in Google Play and iTunes.

Calorie Counter.jpg

Endomondo Sports Tracker – this app is designed to help you meet your exercise goals. With Endomondo Sports Tracker, you can track your fitness, challenge your friends and even send them a pep talk in real time. Think of this app as your own personal trainer. Endomondo is free in Google Play and iTunes.


Schools across the country are organizing Walk to School Days in April and May. If your local school is participating, I encourage everyone to join in the fun. Share with us your favorite apps to live a healthier lifestyle and share them with your neighbors as you walk to support your local school.