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Sprint App of the Week -- Leap2


Looking for an intuitive search application for your Android phone or iPhone? One that will give you the standard results and real-time social results? Check out Leap2, an exciting new search application available for free for both Android and iOS.

Leap2 is the first mobile search application that combines search with instant web access and social results. By itself, Leap2 is a powerful search app, but the latest version of Leap2 is built on a Search Messaging platform that will monitor your search query across social networks to receive new, relevant results in real-time.

  • Integrated real-time social results w/ Direct-to-web: Get results to your search query across social networks to provide you with live updates.
  • Hashtag Suggest: Leap2 delivers relevant hashtags as suggestions to improve your search queries.
  • Automated monitoring and alerts: New 'Leap It' functionality allows you to monitor real-time results for your query.
  • Integrated 'search share' feature: Seamless integration of your search phrase and hashtags provide ease of sharing via Twitter, Email and SMS.

So, how does Leap2 work?  I typed in “Best Pizza in Atlanta.” The top of the screen listed real-time social results from Twitter.  On the bottom half of the screen, I saw the top three results from the Web, and it gave me options to see more results, images and the ability to share these results through my social network. And, with the Leap function, I could continue to get real-time updates about my search for a given length of time if I was interested. Overall, it was easy to use and, personally, I like seeing the social results of the search.


For more information about Leap2 visit

What do you think of Leap2? Is this a better mobile search option that the traditional Web search engines?