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Sprint App of the Week - Managing calls


It’s great to stay connected. Even better when you can manage to do so on your own terms.

Apparently more than a few cell phone users – and apps developers – think the same thing.  We found some exceptionally useful apps that will help you manage your incoming calls.

These are just a couple among many apps that help you see who’s calling or make sure your phone doesn’t disturb those around you in an office meeting, a movie or while you are trying to sleep.

Check these out or share the apps that help you get the most out of your phone.


Phonetell incoming.png

“PhoneTell tells you who is calling: If you are in a meeting, driving or at a movie and your phone rings... PhoneTell shows you in one glance who’s calling and let’s you respond with one click,” according to the developer of this app. “When someone calls, PhoneTell gives the option to see who is calling and respond, sending an SMS with a click.”

PhoneTell on

AudioManager Pro


“Create and customize your own Audio Profiles and apply them with a simple tap from your home-screen,” according to the developer of this app. “Colorful and skinnable home-screen widget allows you to get readings from all of your phone's audio streams (music, notifications, voice call, ringer, etc.).”

$1.99 in Android Market “[App Of The Week] Audio Manager Pro: Make Volume Adjustment In Android Simple, Tolerable, And Power...

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