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Sprint App of the Week - Maybe it is easy to be "green"


Americans discard 16,000 cell phones every hour. Yes, every HOUR. We think that’s insane, and Sprint is trying to do something about it.

Sprint has an ambitious, long-term goal to recover for reuse or recycling the equivalent of 90 percent of handsets sold by 2017.  The company already 3.7 million phones in 2009 for a collection rate of 42 percent, up from a 34 percent rate the previous year.

You can read more, and check out a funny video with an important message at this Community post: Sprint Partners With The U.S. EPA To Urge Americans To Recycle Their Unwanted Cell Phones

So for any of those old cell phones you aren’t using anymore, please consider turning them in with the Sprint Buyback Program or Sprint Project Connect.

And for that wireless phone you still are using, try out some apps that help us take it a little easier on the planet.

Eco Buzz Widget- by
“Get the latest news on climate change, where to buy the coolest organic threads on the market, which car has the least impact on the environment,” according to

Seasonal Harvest- by DiscoverSites

“Become a Locavore! Seasonal Harvest helps you determine what locally grown produce is in season in your area. Select a state or use GPS to view in season produce,” according to

Tissue Guide - by 3rd Whale Media

Save the earth one tissue at a time. “Recycled tissue products help protect ancient forests, clean water, and wildlife habitat. This Greenpeace Guide makes it easy to find which of over 100 brands of facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins are truly green and which should be avoided,” according to

Eco Charger- by AgileSoft Resources

Green Mileage- by Connor Garvey

“Track your vehicle's mileage with this simple app. Record each fill-up and the app calculates your MPG,” according to

And “green” apps aren’t just for Sprint Android phones. Samsung Reclaim is a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

The phone is made up of 80% recyclable materials. Plus it comes with the Sprint One Click Green Tile, a way to get instant access to eco-friendly information for every area of your life

So try out some of these apps and, as always, point out other apps you have found that provide helpful information or tips that will help all of us provide a little more TLC to Earth. It’s the only planet we’ve got.