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Sprint App of the Week - Mobile Security


With more than 73.3 million people in the United States owning smartphones and using them for business and entertainment, it is crucial for customers to protect the information on their devices from theft, loss, mobile malware, phishing attempts and malicious websites. Sprint is teaming up with Lookout Mobile Security to offer customers an easy way to download an app to help protect the important information stored on their smartphone or tablet.

Sprint customers can easily download the Lookout Mobile Security application from the Android Market by clicking on Lookout Mobile Security within Sprint Zone or the Sprint Tab in the Android Market.  Customers can find Sprint Zone as an icon on their device. Lookout offers a free or trial option for consumers that blocks viruses, malware and spyware. In addition to backing up and restoring contacts, the application can pinpoint a lost or stolen phone on a map and emit a loud alarm to pinpoint the device’s exact location.

Introducing Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security on Android Market

A premium version is also available offering a robust set of security features including:

•          Privacy – Protect privacy by helping consumers understand which apps can access their private data.

•          Backup and Restore – Save contacts, photos and call history to the cloud and manage it all from a single location. Restore data to a new or existing phone at any time.

•          Missing Device – Locate a lost or stolen phone quickly and remotely activate a loud alarm to track down a device

•          Remote Lock and Wipe – Remotely lock a phone from the web and wipe data off a device if it is gone for good.

•          Security – Protect smartphones from evolving mobile threats, including malware, spyware and malicious websites.

•          Management – Manage all devices remotely from the cloud and access data from the Lookout website at any time, quickly and easily.

Lookout also offers an application for BlackBerry or Windows Mobile users. And, GetJar offers several different mobile security apps in its storefront for feature phone users.

Share with us your favorite security app and what features you like best about it.