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Sprint App of the Week – Music


Pandora is like having your own personal DJ who knows the songs you want to hear even if you don’t. Or, as Pandora itself states, it offers radio stations “that play only music you like.“

With a cord connecting the jack on a phone such as HTC EVO 4G and the sound system in your home or car, you can let Pandora fill the room with great tunes.

Tap the thumbs-up or thumbs-down feature on a particular song and Pandora will customize and refine the types of music it plays for you.  So if you are stuck in a musical rut listening to the same songs and artists over and over, try Pandora and let it introduce you to some new tunes.

Pandora on

Pandora on-the-go

Finding new musicians you can listen to over your phone is great. But watching them perform live can be amazing. Gigbox is an app that will make sure you never miss your favorite band when it comes to town.

Tap in your location and some of the artists you want to see and Gigbox will provide a schedule of upcoming shows. It can even offer alerts for particular bands.

“Gigbox is a simple to use app that allows the user to track their favorite bands or find new ones,” according to

Gigbox  on

So if you hear a song that is not on Pandora (which offers you a quick glimpse of the title, artist and even lyrics), you might be wondering, “Who sings that?”

With Shazam, it can be simple to find out.

Call up your Shazam app, tap “Tag Now” and let your phone listen to the song for a bit. Within moments, more often than not, Shazam will name the song, the artist and give you all the details you need.

“With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page,” according to

Shazam on

These are but a few of the music apps we found that can let you bring a soundtrack for your life wherever you are. What apps do you like for enjoying music with your mobile phone?