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Sprint App of the Week -- NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile


Written by Benjamin Brenneis, Sprint Product Ambassador and sports app aficionado.

NASCAR app.png

In the beginning of August I moved from Colorado to Georgia. Tons of people loved NASCAR in Denver, but it’s a way of life out here in the south. Everyone has a favorite driver and they throw big parties on race day. Since Sprint customers get exclusive content on an awesome NASCAR app, I decided to download it to try to learn more about the sport.

The content that you get with the NASCAR Sprint Cup app is awesome. You have access to race day news and highlights, in-car audio, race telemetry, live coverage by NASCAR SPEED, Miss Sprint Cup and Twitter feeds from all things related to NASCAR. When you first download the app, it allows you to select your favorite driver. You are then able to follow news and stats about your driver from the main screen. On race day, the app also gives you updates on how your favorites are doing.

The first race that I was able to follow with the app was the Sylvania 300. Prior to the race starting, there was access to news and headlines about the upcoming event and it also showed the current standings. During the race, I decided to try to listen to the in-car audio. This feature alone makes the app awesome! You can actually hear your favorite driver and their pit crew as the race is going. If you ever wanted to find out what these athletes are thinking as they compete, then this app is for you! I not only heard a little trash talking but I was also able to find out when they were making a pit stop, trying to pass another car or running into trouble on the track. The app really made the whole race experience interactive and exciting. I am already looking forward to the next race to try out additional features of the app.

If you are a fan of sports in general, you won’t be disappointed in checking out the NASCAR Sprint Cup app. The amount of exclusive content that Sprint subscribers get is really cool and the best part about it all is that the app is free and comes pre-loaded on many Sprint devices. Have you checked out the Sprint NASCAR Cup app?