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Sprint App of the Week--Organize Your Holiday Time and Travel!


The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to solidify your travel plans and shopping lists for holiday meals.

Cozi Family is a mobile app that lets you organize your family’s schedules and send your kids or spouse texts and email reminders from your Cozi Family to-do lists. We’re giving you a head start on organizing your holiday meals, but should you find yourself in a pinch after forgetting the cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner, you can send a member of your family a text reminder through Cozi to pick up some sauce on their way to your home.

The Cozi Family app also comes complete with shared shopping list capabilities and a shared family calendar so no one is unclear on when your flight leaves in the morning, saving your family from a Home Alone scenario.

Still wondering what Cozi Family can do for you? This video highlights the app in 30 seconds:

Flight Track is one of our favorite apps for keeping tabs on flights. Get real-time status for gates, delays and flight cancellations and weather forecasts so you can look out for the safety of you and your family members who are traveling during the holidays.

Flight Track has zoomable maps so you can see where you are in relation to your destination. The app has full international coverage with 1400 airlines and the ability to find alternate flights quickly and easily.

Happy holidays! How will you use these two apps to organize your time and holiday travel?