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Sprint App of the Week -- Safely Social Monitor


Safely Gives Sprint Customers Exclusive Access To Online Monitoring Service

This week, SafelySM the next generation of personal security software services that enhance the safety of millions, launched Safely Social Monitor. Designed to help parents monitor their kids’ activity on Facebook, Social Monitor is available at no charge, for a limited time, to Sprint Family Locator and Sprint wireless subscribers before it is generally available later this quarter.

Safely Social Monitor offers parents the ability both online and on-the-go to:

  • Understand who their kids’ Facebook friends are - whom they speak to most frequently, what their ages and genders are
  • View newly posted photos of their kids
  • Receive alerts when their kids use certain phrases of concern or are tagged in photos which helps them intervene quickly to keep their kids safe
  • Monitor their kids’ Facebook activity without requiring their kids’ passwords
  • Keep up with all of their kids via one account versus multiple accounts for each kid
  • Get free access to regularly published Safely Spotlights for valuable tips and advice (see

Sprint customers interested in trying Safely Social Monitor can do so for free by visiting