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Sprint App of the Week -- Seesmic


Somedays, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the information from your social accounts. There are many apps for managing all of your social networks in one place, but one whose features we find particularly useful is Seesmic. The original Seesmic app, which is free in Google Play and iTunes, has a simple interface with powerful capabilities, including the full integration of Facebook and multiple Twitter account support. Seesmic can be downloaded as an app or a widget so you don’t miss a beat (or a tweet) with any of your personal or professional social media accounts.

Within Facebook, not only can you manage and post from your personal account, but also the accounts of which you are an administrator (perhaps a Facebook page for your book club or business). In Twitter, Seesmic allows you to manage all of your profiles on one screen and includes full Twitter search capabilities so you can stay on top of trending topics. Other capabilities within Twitter include URL shortening with, Tinyurl, and Twitlonger for tweets longer than 140 characters. On the home screen of the Seesmic app, add shortcuts for direct access to all of your Twitter accounts, lists, searches and your Facebook pages. Then use Seesmic to share videos, photos and add locations to your messages. 

Do you have friends on Facebook and Twitter that you can’t bear to unfriend or unfollow but you would rather not see their updates? Seesmic for Android now allows you to “mute” messages based on their usernames or content of the message. Choose “mute” under the “Options” menu and enter the username (usernames will appear as you type @ and then the letters of his or her username) of the person whose updates you do not want to be visible in your Seesmic account. Also, you have the option to mute topics. For instance, if there a sensitive topic that you would rather not read about through your social media accounts, type in key words relating to the topic and posts with that subject will be “muted” from your feeds.


Seesmic's second app option is Seesmic Pro. A key benefit is that this version of the app is advertisement-free (in the original Seemic app, advertisements are constantly running along the footer of the screen). Seesmic Pro is offered at an introductory rate of $2.99.

Seesmic Pro.jpg

Seesmic's third, and most recent, app option is Seesmic Ping, which allows you to schedule tweets or updates from multiple accounts, which is helpful for companies or consultants who manage multiple social media accounts for business. Along with managing your Facebook and multiple Twitter profiles, Ping lets you link to your Tumblr and LinkedIn accounts.

Here are more of the key features of Ping:

Seesmic Ping.png

Whether you are looking for a free version or a more advanced version, Seesmic offers options for people with every level of social media knowledge. What’s your favorite version of Seesmic?