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Sprint App of the Week - Sprint Football Live


Tailgating, wearing your school colors, the band playing and the age-old debate about who is number one… is kickoff for the college football season!

Whether you are a casual fan or bleed your school colors, you will want to check out a new app from Sprint – Sprint Football Live – to keep up with your favorite team.

Evo College Game Center small.jpg

Sprint Football Live app

Sprint Football Live is a comprehensive mobile football application across both pro and college football including:

  • Live-game telecasts of college football games from ESPN Mobile TV and all seven Notre Dame Fighting Irish home games on NBC Sports Mobile within the app.
  • Real-time “Game Center” for every pro and college game, with live game stats, scoring summaries, play-by-play and other updates.
  • Easy, one-click access inside the application to the following:
    • My Team – users can customize the app to their favorite pro and college teams so those teams’ information appears first each time a user opens the app.
    • Scores and Schedules – for all 32 pro teams and all 120 major college teams.
    • News & Analysis – breaking news from the Associated Press,, and, and analysis from Yahoo Sports, and SB Nation.
    • Team Pages – specific to all 32 professional teams and 120 college teams.
    • Standings – for specific teams and conferences.
    • Statistics – season and game stats for all players and teams, both college and pro.
    • Video & Photos – analysis from Yahoo!,, ESPN and; college football highlights for specific teams from ESPN Mobile TV; and game photos from the Associated Press.
    • Twitter – delivers the latest tweets from pro football players, pro and college teams, college coaches, and well-known media who cover football.
    • Odds – know the spread and over/under for the football games each week.
    • Alerts – customizable for specific team when they score, enter the red zone or updates at quarter, half and end of game. Also can get scoring updates for individual players helpful for fantasy player tracking.

Sprint Football Live College example small.jpg

The new Sprint Football Live app and all content is free to Sprint customers with an Everything Data plan. With Sprint’s 4G network, fans will experience live game viewing similar to what they see on a TV – without the lag.

So, let the debate begin….who will be playing in the BCS Championship game in January?

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