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Sprint App of the Week -- Sprint Green ID Pack


Happy Earth Day! Sprint is committed to being a corporate leader in environmental responsibility. Last week, we unveiled our fourth environmentally-friendly device, the Samsung Replenish. The Samsung Replenish™, Sprint’s first eco-friendly Android smartphone boasting access to more than 150,000 apps in the Android Market™, is partially built with recycled plastics and recyclable packaging making it the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who needs the latest technology.

In addition, we also announced our newest Sprint ID pack – the Green ID pack – which lets customers personalize their device instantly with eco-friendly focused apps and mobile content.

Sprint’s Green ID Pack includes access to the following applications and content:

  • Green Now: The home screen for the ID pack provides the latest in green news from TreeHugger.com, Earth911.com and GreenBiz.com and direct access to video shorts from TreeHugger TV. Earth911.com’s iRecycle app also makes it easy to locate recycling drop-off sites anywhere across the country, for materials ranging from computers and compact fluorescent bulbs to paper and paint. Users can search by ZIP code or GPS.
  • Live Green: Want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but not sure where to start? The "Live Green" screen includes a widget that delivers weekly tips from Green America right to the customer’s device, a link to Saasmob's Green You app – a personal carbon footprint calculator – and shortcuts to green ideas for nearly every aspect of one’s life from TreeHugger’s “How to Go Green” index.
  • Shop Green: Buy sustainably and save money with the “Shop Green” screen. It includes a widget from GreenDeals.org – an eco-alternative to Groupon and Living Social that offers daily discounts on green goods and services. Users can also link to eBay Green to shop a wide selection of sustainable home products, eco fashion, green gadgets and more. Choose a boutique experience with EcoEtsy.com, which offers handcrafted items made from natural, sustainable, recycled and/or repurposed materials, from a team of Etsy sellers. Apps on the screen include Seasonal Harvest Lite, which shares what locally grown produce is in season, recipes and directions to nearby farmers markets, and the Light Bulb Finder, which makes it easy to switch from conventional light bulbs to energy-saving equivalents that help to lower consumers’ electricity bills.
  • Take Action: For those who are ready to volunteer their time and resources to help the environment, the "Take Action" screen makes it easy to access several worthy causes, including the National Audubon Society, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Green Education Foundation.

These great eco-friendly apps are available in the Adroid Marketplace. So, anyone with an Android device can download the apps and use them to help live a more green lifestyle.

For more information about the Green ID Pack and to watch a video of its features, please visit www.sprint.com/greenid.

To learn more about Sprint's commitment to the environment, visit www.sprint.com/green.