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Sprint App of the Week - Sprint ID


Many smartphone users love to hunt for the best new apps and then share their finds with their friends.

We created Sprint ID for others who don’t want to devote that kind of effort, but still would enjoy using apps to get the most out of their phone.

Sprint ID health_and_fitness_1.jpg

Sprint ID packs are available for a variety of interests such as Health and Fitness, Entertainment or the Socially Connected. Other packs are offered by popular brands such as Yahoo!

More information about Sprint ID is available at

Sprint is committed to making it simple for consumers to find and use the apps that will be entertaining and useful. The company also works closely with developers striving to create the next great mobile application.

During this past week’s 2010 Open Developer Conference, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced new tools and other support.

“By adding these developer capabilities to Sprint’s strengths in networks, devices and platforms, it should be clear we are dedicated to being a carrier known for simplicity, value and ‘open,’ and for providing what developers need to create innovative applications and services for Sprint customers,” Hesse said.

Sprint announced new Sprint ID partners during the conference. New additions to the list of companies endorsing the concept of Sprint ID and exploring the creation of Sprint ID packs include enterprise partner Deluxe and consumer partner AOL, as well as UPS, Canvas, IHG and BodyMedia.

So check out some of the existing packs available on Sprint phones such Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™ and LG Optimus S™. And keep your eyes open for new innovations and additional Sprint ID Packs.

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