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Sprint App of the Week -- Sprint Mobile Controls, Media Buzz


Earlier this week, Sprint announced new Sprint Mobile Controls powered by Safely, a division of Location Labs, that will allow parents to set phone use limits by time of day or week and see daily calls, text messaging and application activity.

Key Features of Sprint Mobile Controls

  • Eliminate the phone as a distraction – automatically set phones to lock during school and late night hours to prevent calling, texting and app usage
  • Enhance family time – instantly lock phones on demand with the push of a button
  • Gain insight and understanding – capture all usage information on phones and get regular, simple reports showing new contacts and who is calling and texting by time of day
  • Add convenience – set up alerts and watch lists for new contacts, or for activity during school and late night hours

Parents can sign up and learn more about Sprint Mobile Controls by visiting


Sprint Mobile Controls is available on all Sprint CDMA Android smartphones for $4.99 per month per line and includes a 30-day free trial. The service will be offered to BlackBerry® devices and other operating systems in the coming months.

Sprint Mobile Controls is creating a buzz with the media. Here are some samples of what they are saying:

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