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Sprint App of the Week - Sprint Mobile Wallet


With the introduction of Sprint Mobile Wallet, Sprint is making it easier for our customers to purchase goods and services on their mobile phone.

Sprint Mobile Wallet, the first mobile payment solution of its kind from a U.S. carrier, is an easy, secure way to buy physical and digital products using a Sprint phone. Sprint Mobile Wallet allows customers to use a universal PIN to make purchases using their Visa, MasterCard and Amazon Payments accounts, along with other payment methods, right on their phone. There’s no need to enter credit-card information with every purchase – customers just select Sprint Mobile Wallet at checkout, enter their PIN, and choose their payment method or account from those saved in the Sprint Mobile Wallet. Read the full announcement: Sprint Announces New Sprint ID Partners, Sprint Mobile Wallet, Communication Enablement at 10th Annu...

This new capability is different than carrier billing. With the Sprint Mobile Wallet, Sprint is providing a safe, secure “container” for customers to easily use traditional payment methods while on-the-go. Sprint partner CardinalCommerce (, a leader in enabling authenticated payments and currently facilitating millions of transactions online every month, hosts the secure transactions. Once a customer enters his PIN, it is encrypted and sent to CardinalCommerce, whose technology enables the transaction between the customer and the merchant.

Thousands of merchants use CardinalCommerce for online payments and would have the option to easily accept Sprint Mobile Wallet. Sprint Mobile Wallet is available on a variety of Sprint devices and can be used at no additional charge by customers on an Everything Data plan. Currently, it is available to download through Sprint Zone. It will be preloaded on future Sprint devices.

Merchants that currently accept Sprint Mobile Wallet include SkyMall and Namco, with more coming soon.

For the developer community, Sprint Mobile Wallet enables developers to set up commerce more easily and quickly with one simple integration to the Sprint Mobile Wallet service, avoiding the need to integrate directly with each payment company. Once integrated, developers, and merchants generally, can provide a simple purchase experience to most any Sprint subscriber without the need to fill forms and input payment data.

Developers can also use Sprint Mobile Wallet within their apps and take advantage of another way to monetize their apps outside the controlled walls of an app store. Developers can learn more by visiting the Sprint Application Developer Web site.

What do you think? Will this make it easier for you to do mobile purchases?